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In 2018, the national coordination APA recommended the setting up of a database capable of managing the traceability, in time and space, of biological samples in order to meet the regulatory obligations related to the APA law (Access to genetic resources and the fair and equitable sharing of benefits arising from their use). At the same time, a broader regulatory need has emerged; some samples or biological resources are not covered by ABS regulations but may be subject to other regulations (CITES, customs and zoo health obligations, transfers of resources, etc.). Finally, European funding increasingly demands a high level of traceability and sharing from the scientific community. Thus, Ifremer has decided to position the objectives of the MORSE project, for Marine Organisms Resources Storage systEm, to all the biological samples stored in the various laboratories of the institute.


  • Manage the traceability, in time and space, of biological samples stored by Ifremer
  • Meet the regulatory purposes required by the APA as well as other international and/or European regulations
  • Make it easy to search for a series of samples so that biological resource collections can be shared internally and externally

POKaPOK involvement

POKaPOK participates in maintaining the system of the project. We are involved in the banking of traceability metadata in the banking systems deployed in Ifremer laboratories. POKaPOK also provides support for users of the “LabCollector” tool (training, drafting of operating procedures). We also provide support to Ifremer project managers in the various regulatory processes (particularly in the APA processes).